Artist Studio Collection

SSS Artist Studio Blog Post Graphic Mood Board

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your home studio or to call to the creatives in your audience, browse our Artist Studio Collection. You’ll find a dreamy paint studio just waiting for you to explore your artistic side. This mini home studio has everything a creative like you or your ideal client needs, from the perfect little easel for drying a recent creation to a simple but effective pegboard to organize favorite pieces. 

Whether you’re a budding painter who needs some home studio design inspiration or you serve creatives and artists with your work, this collection was made for you. You can use these photos to document your creative process, speak to the creatives in your midst, or simply add some lovely watercolors to your imagery. 

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  • At-home art studio design
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  • Exploring new passions
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  • Mindfulness
  • Paper-making and cardstock
  • And more!

Explore even more artistic imagery in our Ceramic Studio collection. It’s full of great images for anyone exploring their creative side through pottery. Join now and get access to all 25 photos!

Preview the entire collection below: