5 Essentials for Your Service-Based Business Website

5 Essentials for Your Service-Based Business Website

In today’s digitally driven world, an online presence is everything — especially for entrepreneurs with service-based businesses. For most, that starts with a really solid website. It’s how you sell yourself, your services, and your unique ability to show future clients just how capable you are. All of which leads to world dominance, of course.

Beyond that, a website is crucial for any service provider or service-based business, as it’s your chance to:

  • Build credibility
  • Strengthen connections
  • Showcase your work
  • Exemplify strong branding
  • Brag about yourself (humbly, of course)
  • Sell services + shop items
  • And much more!

If you haven’t built your service-based business website yet (or it needs some TLC), start here with Styled Stock Society. We’re sharing five essentials for your service-based-business website — including an absolute must-have: Bluchic’s ChicServe WordPress Theme

1. An attention-grabbing home page 

What’s the first thing you need for your service business’s website? A home page.

When someone lands on the home page of your website, you have just seconds to capture their attention and make a first impression (yes, really). In fact, it takes less than three seconds for users to make a judgment about your site, and they’ll spend less than six seconds even reading the content. What does that mean for you?

It means having a home page that immediately sparks interest, showcases credibility, and drives users to action (calls to action, anyone?). You can do that with tactics like:

  • A website (and template) that loads quickly
  • Simple + straightforward copy that tells people what you do and how you can help them
  • Strong main imagery
  • A clean design that helps users find what they’re looking for (and fast!)
  • Solid calls-to-action

2. An about page 

Once users are on the hook, they’ll be curious to know more about you — not just what you do. What are your experiences and successes? What drives you? Why are you passionate about your work? Answering questions like these can help you further connect with your target audiences and actually lend a face and personality to the name. 

3. A services page 

To get people to work with you, they need to know exactly how they can work with you and what you have to offer. This is your chance to go a little more into detail about the specific services you offer. Break it down into short, digestible paragraphs that clearly outline what your services are, who they’re for, and what’s included. Don’t forget to add calls to action here, too, so you can get potential clients closer to the finish line!

4. A portfolio page

Seeing is believing, and a portfolio page lets people see all the amazing things you’ve accomplished for other clients. You can share things like examples of your work (along with images!), case studies, and high-quality imagery to complement both. Your portfolio page also helps strengthen your credibility and experience, so don’t be afraid to go all-out on this page. It’s your time to shine!

5. A contact page 

Next to the homepage, your contact page is the most important page on your website. It locks in leads, helps people get in touch with you, and — above all — can lead to more business. Keep this form clean and straightforward so you can give visitors the space to ask whatever questions they may have. Don’t forget to reassure them you’ll respond as soon as possible!

Bluchic ChicServe WordPress Theme

Need some help with the essentials? We’ve got you.

Building your dream service-based business website is easy if you’re armed with the right template. Enter: Bluchic’s ChicServe WordPress theme, designed specifically for service-based businesses. If you love Styled Stock Society’s easy-to-use templates for business resources and social media, you’ll absolutely fall in love with Bluchic, too! 

There’s so much to love, as this service-based business WordPress theme is:

  • Completely customizable
  • Responsive
  • SEO-friendly
  • Easy to navigate
  • Oh-so-gorgeous!

There are also tons of other features, like client reviews, email signups, the ability to add your own shop, and much more! We can’t forget to mention one of our favorite parts: 10 BONUS stock photos from Styled Stock Society, so you can make your site look and feel as amazing as the live demo. What’s not to love?

Styled Stock Society + Bluchic = your dream website

Styled Stock Society and Bluchic are proud to support women entrepreneurs and help them reach (and rock) their business goals. With a membership from Styled Stock Society and the ultimate template from Bluchic, you can build and customize your dream website. 

Don’t forget: your Styled Stock membership also gives you instant access to 1,500+ templates, a library of more than 6,000 styled stock photos, ongoing insights and tips to help your service-based business boom, and more!