5 types of opt-ins to actually grow your revenue

Growing your list of followers, subscribers, and audience members is great, but having a full list of people who are actually interested in buying from you? Even better. The key, of course, is getting them on the hook.

Shareable, bite-sized content like checklists + ebooks are fun and simple to create, but it’s also easier for them to get lost in the weeds or to be downloaded and forgotten later. A better solution? Opt-ins that give people a quick win and directly relate to whatever you’re selling. That also means a #win-win for you!

Here, we’re sharing five different types of opt-ins that are engaging, helpful, and will actually help your bottom line. Need we say more? 

1. Templates

At Styled Stock Society, it’s no secret we love templates. Love might even be an understatement. Regardless, templates are incredibly useful for you and future subscribers of your content. They don’t just look good, either — they save tons of valuable time for everyone involved. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your template offerings, from design and copy templates to business strategies and how-tos. Your options are limitless!

2. Roadmaps

If your skill is helping others capitalize on their skills, roadmaps should definitely be in your arsenal of opt-ins. Use them on their own or as a supplemental resource for other offerings you may have, like courses and webinars. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ll let you in on a little secret: We just added customizable Roadmap Templates to our member library that will help save you a TON of time!

3. Quizzes

Quizzes are a great way to boost interaction on your website and provide individualized content for your audience. This doesn’t have to be overcomplicated, though! Create a 3-5 question quiz asking about their likes, dislikes, interests, etc., and show them results catered to their answers. It’s a fun and exciting way to get users intrigued and actually follow through.

Pro tip: If you don’t have strong coding skills (HTML what?) or enough deliverables to create personalized results, no sweat! Use a tool like Interact and simply include a few of the same resources for each result. Because no one has to know, right? Once you build more unique content tailored to different audiences, you can go back and make adjustments to amplify the interactivity!

4. Challenges

Health and fitness, creativity, organizing, habit-building — there are endless possibilities (and benefits) to creating and hosting a challenge. It not only provides a very quick win for your audience, but it simultaneously helps you build a community of supporters. By opening the door for communication, advice, and accountability amongst your challengers, they’re much more likely to opt-in for future challenges.

Pro tip: If possible, host a live challenge with a start and end date. This ups the ante for followers to sign up before it’s too late and they miss out on all the fun! (Psst! Use this 5-day challenge workbook template to promote your challenges.) 

5. Webinars + free trainings

Just like your challenges, carve out specific times and dates for your webinars and trainings to create a sense of exclusivity and urgency. Set a deadline for followers to sign up and limit the number of participants. Whether you keep these free or create a purchasing option, it’s a great way to get followers on the hook. You can even offer a freebie for those who sign up early so your audience knows there’s lots of value to come from it! 

Pro tip: Be sure to send out follow-up surveys afterwards! You’ll get helpful feedback to continue improving the quality of your offerings (and upping your revenue!).

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