5 Ways to Build Excitement for Your New Service Launch

5 Ways to Build Excitement for Your New Service Launch

So, you have a brand-new service you’re ready to share with the world. How exciting! No matter what your new service is – coaching, consulting, marketing, VIP days, virtual assistance, or something in between – you put a lot of time and effort into it, which is always worth celebrating. 

But… what now? Do you just sit back and wait around until it launches? Absolutely not. 

The launch of your new service shouldn’t get all the excitement. You (and your audience) deserve to be excited before the launch even happens! It’s time to let the people know that you have something magnificent headed their way. 

How do you do that, exactly? We’re sharing five ways to build excitement for your next service launch and showing you how they can help your biz along the way.

1. Create a launch promo calendar

Building up excitement for your launch can’t happen without a plan for how you’ll do it. So, first thing’s first, you need to create a promotion calendar leading up to the big day. Whether you create a separate calendar for the launch or add to your existing schedule is up to you, but you definitely want to make all your promotions a priority.

Our suggestion? Start promoting about two to three weeks before your launch. Decide where and how you want to start spreading the news, which can include:

2. Share teasers ahead of the launch 

Whether you want to keep your new service under wraps or let everyone know what’s coming, you can still share teasers along the way. Giving your audiences a behind-the-scenes look can generate curiosity while giving them a first-hand look at the hard work you put into your new service. Plus, it’s creating more opportunities for engagement, which we absolutely love to see. Here are some teaser ideas to get you started:

3. Create a waitlist

Creating a waitlist for your upcoming launch is a great tactic for several reasons. The first? On top of generating excitement, it will also develop a sense of exclusivity. If audiences have the chance to be the first to access your new service, they’ll take you up on that offer.

A waitlist also helps you score more high-quality leads. Think about it: Those who sign up for your waitlist are already telling you they’re interested, which gets them one step closer towards conversion before you even launch! Plus, you don’t have to put extra time and energy into speaking to the masses – you can hyper-target those who are ready to hear what you have to say.  

Don’t forget to promote your waitlist through channels like:

  • Emails + newsletters
  • Instagram posts + stories
  • Your website
  • Advertisements
  • Webinars
  • Videos

Pro tip: To sweeten the deal even more, consider creating an extra incentive for those who sign up for your waitlist, like a free bonus, a discount on your service, or a promo code to use on a future purchase!

4. Countdown to the big day

Remember the promotional calendar you created in step one? Now it’s time to add countdown content to it! Even though that’s a term we just made up, it pretty much speaks for itself. 

Counting down to your big launch is a great way to keep the energy and excitement alive in the days before. And, much like your teasers, it’s a great way to stay consistent with your content while generating more engagement. Don’t forget to:

  • Add a countdown reminder to your Instagram stories
  • Send out email reminders
  • Add a countdown banner to your website
  • Swap out the HERO image on your website (or add a new section to your homepage)
  • Make final pushes for your waitlist

5. Share, share, share 

Once your launch day finally arrives, it’s time to promote the HECK out of your new service. We’re talking everywhere. All the channels we’ve mentioned above – emails, social posts, advertisements, your website, etc. – should be chock-full of your launch announcement.

And if you want word to spread beyond your channels, make sure your affiliates are primed and prepped with swipe copy to share the news, too. You can also ask your followers to share the announcement on social media (with another incentive, of course). Maybe it’s a chance to win your new service for free. Maybe it’s an exclusive discount code. Whatever you want that incentive to be, go for it!

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