5 Reasons to Upgrade to Canva Pro

5 Reasons to Upgrade to Canva Pro for Your Business

With 30 million users from 190 countries, it’s hard to deny that Canva is every non-designer’s design dream (say that five times fast). That’s exactly what it was made for: to take the stress out of learning over-complicated design tools, and to prevent you from breaking the bank with a professional designer. In other words: It’s a tool every entrepreneur should definitely take advantage of.

While Canva’s free option is totally great, you can unlock so much more potential for your brand and business with Canva Pro. The best part? It only costs 10 bucks a month. Which, according to our calculations, is about the same amount we spend on two iced coffees in a week. 

But what’s the difference between Canva and Canva Pro? A lot. So we’re sharing our top five reasons you should make the switch.

1. 3,000+ fonts

Yes, you read that number right. Three thousand fonts. If you still can’t find one that’s absolutely perfect, you can even upload your own! No matter your unique brand image and style, you’re sure to find one with Canva Pro.

2. Your very own brand kit

Logos, fonts, color palettes — it’s all yours to create with Canva Pro’s Brand Kit. Anytime you need to whip up a new design, all of your brand assets are right there waiting for you. No more starting from scratch or inputting hex codes over and over again; your cultivated look can shine through on everything you make. And we all know the most successful brands are the most consistent.

3. One-click design resize

What size image do you need for Facebook? What about Instagram? What about Instagram Stories? With so many social channels that require so many different photo sizes, it’s impossible to keep track. Not to mention the precious time it takes sizing, resizing, and resizing again.

No matter the platform, Canva Pro’s Magic Resize feature has you covered. All you have to do is create a design, click the formats you want it sized for, and poof! You have perfectly sized creations for every single social platform you can imagine.

4. Get animated

Want to add a little extra flair to your designs? Animate them! Canva Pro’s Animator lets you create and export your designs as animated GIFs or MP4 videos. This feature is perfect for livening up your social channels while staying on-brand.

5. Unlimited folders + tons of storage

If you love organization as much as we do, you’ll live for the fact that you can have unlimited folders on Canva Pro. From client work and products to personal projects, you can store all your designs in one place. Speaking of storage, how does 100GB sound? Because that’s how much you’ll get. That’s like having your entire phone’s storage capacity and then some!

6. BONUS: Seamless integration with Styled Stock Society

As if all the amazing features of Canva Pro aren’t enough, we’d be royally messing up if we didn’t tell you that you can upload, customize, and export your favorite Styled Stock Society photos and templates in Canva, too! With your Styled Stock Society membership, you can instantly download any of our 2,000+ exclusive templates and 8,000+ stock images to bring your Canva designs and deliverables to life. We might be biased, but that’s totally reason enough to join, for us.

Ready to upgrade + elevate your brand? Join Styled Stock Society today, then try Canva Pro free* for 30 days! It’s the power duo you didn’t know you were missing until now. 

* This blog post contains affiliate links for products we use and love. If you decide to invest in them, we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.