5 graphics you need to market your business on social media

Social media is like a doorway to entrepreneurship. It can be educational (and entertaining), it helps connect you with others, and it’s one of the best (and cheapest!) ways to boost your brand and business. And, in case you’ve forgotten, we’re here once again to remind you of one of the best and most effective ways to market your business on social media: graphics.

Here, we’re sharing 5 types of must-have graphics you can use today to fill your timelines, stories, and grids. The plot twist? You don’t have to stress about scrambling to design them yourself. Because spoiler alert: All of these templates have already been created for you — all you need is your Styled Stock Society membership to get started!

1. Graphics to teach + educate your audience

To successfully promote yourself and your business on social media, you need to provide some sort of value for them. Knowledge, advice, wisdom, pro tips, routines — all of that and more can be incredibly helpful to your audience. Even if you’re not directly selling something to them, using your platform to help and inspire others is a pretty boss thing to do. Plus, the more value you provide for free, the more likely they’ll be to trust a paid offer down the road. Just a thought.

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2. Graphics to promote your latest work

You spend a lot of time working on new and exciting things for your business, so why not use your social media profiles to show them off? From hot-off-the-keyboard blog posts and videos to new products and podcasts, it’s time to #humblebrag all you want. It not only helps build brand recognition, but it drives more people to your website and other money-making ventures. Win-win.

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3. Graphics to encourage engagement

It’s no secret that creating fresh and relevant content all the time is challenging. And sometimes, quite frankly, you don’t want to — maybe you’re out of ideas, you’re depleted of creative energy, or you feel overwhelmed with business-only content. Trust us, we’ve all been there.

When that happens, get back to basics by sharing things like fun facts about you, behind-the-scenes shots of real life, personal recommendations, and more! It’s fun, doesn’t take up a lot of time, and it’ll help boost engagement on your social profiles without the need to product-push all the time. That’s definitely something we can get behind.

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4. Graphics to announce sales + special promotions

Everybody loves a good deal, and they’ll find it even faster when you promote yours through social media. That’s because customers engage with multiple channels throughout their shopping journey, meaning it might take more than just an email to convince them to take advantage. After all, no one really browses their inbox for fun — they have social media for that! So why not go to where they already are?

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5. Graphics to create buzz during launches

Just like announcing new goodies on your website, you should create just as much stir for bigger launches like online courses. With the right social media graphics (ahem, like ours), you can share strategic messaging across your channels that are sure to drive enrollments, sign-ups, and purchases.

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Marketing Graphics for Social Media
Marketing Graphics for Business

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