3 Time-Saving Tips to Create Branded Graphics

3 Time-Saving Tips to Create Branded Graphics

Brand consistency is crucial for any business, and can even boost revenue by as much as 33%. Everything from your logo to your fonts to your colors matter — and bringing them to life through your branded graphics and photos should be no exception. If we’re being honest, though… who has the time? (We certainly don’t.)

At Styled Stock Society, we’re all about working smarter, not harder. We believe every entrepreneur should do the same. Even if you’re not a designer or don’t have the cash to hire one, don’t sweat it! With these three time-saving tips, you’ll have the power and knowledge to create the best (and most impressive) branded graphics in no time.

1. Save your brand assets for easy access

Staying consistent with your branded graphics can be tough (and time-consuming!) if you have to reinvent the wheel every time you create something new. Digging for your saved logos and fonts, retyping hex codes over and over… it’s all super tedious and inefficient.

One tool that can save you tons of time and stress is Canva Pro’s Brand Kit. With it, you can build, save, and store all of your brand assets in one place, making graphic creation that much more smooth and seamless. Another great option? Adobe’s Creative Cloud Libraries. You can manage and organize everything across all Adobe apps, ensuring consistency throughout any and every type of asset you create. However, there’s a bit more of a learning curve with Adobe software, which is why all our awesomely customizable templates are Canva-friendly.

2. Create templates for everything

Just like you shouldn’t have to start from scratch with your brand assets, the same goes for… well, everything else. Developing templates (and customizing them for your brand) saves tons of time because you can simply reuse them over and over again. Your list of saved templates can include:

Not a professional designer? Here’s a hint: Most of us aren’t. That’s why Styled Stock Society has built a trove of templates designed especially for entrepreneurs. The best part? They integrate seamlessly with Canva, where you can customize them with your already-saved brand kit.

Styled Stock Society Canva Templates

3. Resize + repurpose graphics for different platforms

Distributing your brand graphics across seemingly endless platforms can be exhausting. Creating, sizing, saving, resizing, saving again, resizing, saving again… sound familiar? We thought so, ‘cause we’ve been there too. Then, we fell under the spell that is known as Magic Resize from Canva Pro

That blog post graphic you just created? Resize it for Facebook. And then Instagram. And then Instagram Stories. And any other asset size you can possibly think of. All with just a few clicks! It’s the kind of wizardry every entrepreneur needs in their life so you can spend more time doing what you do best: running your business.

Let Styled Stock Society be your ultimate business time-saver

With more than 1,500 gorgeously designed templates and 7,000+ stock images, your Styled Stock Society membership unlocks so many time-saving tools. From social media templates to online course templates and virtually everything in between, it’ll take no time at all to create branded graphics that are true to you… and your precious time.

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