20 mockup templates to help you show off your latest offer

SSS 20 Mockup Templates

20 mockup templates to help you show off your latest offer

Picture this: You’ve finally reached a major milestone for your business. You’ve completed a course, finalized a launch, or personalized a program for a client — whatever that goal looks like, you’ve done it! Now all that’s left to do is promote the heck out of it. 

Of course, as many entrepreneurs know, getting others to sign up for or opt-in to what you’re selling can be tough — especially if your audience doesn’t know what’s in it. Sure, you can use all the words you want to tell them why they should buy what you’re selling. But you know what’s even better? Showing them.

With our latest mockup graphic templates, you can do just that. 

Create, customize, and captivate

As with all of our templates, this 20 mockup Canva template set is completely customizable, so you can make them true to you and your brand. You can leverage these graphics in two ways — your website and social media.

Here’s what’s included:

For your website or landing page:

  • 10 sales page templates
    • These include mockups of a desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet, the actual digital product, and space to add the title and a short description of your awesome course, program, or workbook.

For social media:

  • 10 Instagram post templates (yes, they’re already sized!)
    • These also include a mix and match of different mockups like the sales templates, but with gorgeous colored backgrounds to really make your post stand out on your timeline and grid.

All you need is a free Canva account to make these mockups truly yours. If you’re still new to Canva, though, we’ve got you covered. Our how-to guide will help you navigate the ins and outs of creating and customizing, getting you well on your way to captivating your audiences! 

Ready to show off your latest creation? Use your Styled Stock Society membership to download these mockup templates instantly! All that’s next is adding them to Canva, and voila, they’re yours to customize.

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