20 Instagram Story Canva Templates

Instagram Story Templates

Instagram stories are great for posting extra content without overwhelming your grid or your followers’ timelines. They’re also a way to let loose and have a little fun with your brand — whether it’s on the personal or business side or both. We're making it even easier for you to use Instagram stories with our new Instagram story Canva templates!

Our favorite part about Instagram stories? Connection! They offer a great chance to get to know your followers better and to continue building your community. It also doesn’t hurt that they help with engagement (#winwin).

Another great thing about Insta stories: They don’t have to relate to your business at all. Because, as we know, creating daily Instagram posts can be tough, especially if you want to be more authentic and genuine and less product-pushing. Your Insta stories are no different, which is where our trendy Styled Stock Society templates come in.

With these Insta story templates in your arsenal, you can stay top-of-mind with your followers without spending any extra time crafting the perfect content. Not to mention, these templates won’t compromise your style or brand — because there’s no way we’d let that happen.

How to use our customizable Instagram story Canva templates

With this set of 20 Instagram story Canva templates, you can share fun facts, ideas, recommendations, and much more with your followers. And, you don’t have to spend countless hours dealing with all the tricky tools that make on-the-spot stories a drag (we’re speaking from experience, here).

To get started, simply upload the templates into your Canva account to personalize them before you post! Not familiar with Canva? Check out this awesome how-to guide for customizing Canva. 

Instagram Story Quiz Templates
Instagram Story Quiz Templates

Here are all the Instagram story Canva templates included:

  • 7 ‘About Me’ Templates (these include personal, business, and random templates)
  • Daily Routine
  • Bingo Challenge
  • Top 3 Priorities
  • Recommended Podcasts
  • This or That
  • Today I am Grateful for
  • My Top Tools for Business
  • Small Businesses I Love & Support
  • My Favorite Things
  • Quote of the Day
  • People Who Inspire Me
  • Three Truths, One Lie
  • My Favorite Recommendations
  • …and more!

Pro Tip: Post your template with your information, tag some followers, then post a blank one for them to fill out. Encourage them to tag you back so you can see all the responses! (Psst! This will also help boost your engagement while getting free brand exposure. We’re not mad about that!)

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