15 social media templates to make social media a breeze

SSS 15 Customizable Social Media Templates

15 Social Media Templates for Canva

Behind every entreprepreneur is… a lot of social media maintenance. Nobody really talks about the amount of time and effort that it takes to create, design, edit, and post on a daily or weekly basis.

While social media is a great way to boost business and connect with others, it can also take up a lot of energy that could be better used elsewhere. Enter the secret weapon every entrepreneur should have in their arsenal: social media templates. But not just any social media templates — we’re talking gorgeous, professional, easy-to-customize templates from Styled Stock Society

What makes our social media templates so great? On top of help you grow your business, they can also:

  • Save you valuable time and energy
  • Save you money spent on hiring or outsourcing a designer 
  • Help you maintain a consistent brand image across all channels
  • Make it easier to generate content on a more regular basis
  • Help you stay relevant on the most popular social platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

Our favorite part? Our social media templates are completely customizable, so you can make them look and feel exactly on-brand. Without further adieu, let’s meet the latest Styled Stock Society social media templates — each set containing three unique graphics. 

(Psst! They’re already sized for each platform. How great is that?)

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Instagram post templates

Announcements, headlines, or a just-because quote; you can create them all for your Instagram grid with this set of templates. This set includes:

  • 1 headline post
  • 1 announcement post (with descriptor content)
  • 1 inspiring, famous quote post

Instagram Stories templates

Because your Insta Stories are just as (if not more!) popular than your posts, this set of Stories templates includes:

  • 1 headline + subtext + ‘link in bio’ GIF
  • 1 important announcement + subtext + call-to-action (CTA)
  • 1 inspiring, famous quote

Facebook post templates

Carry consistent imagery and messaging across all platforms! Similar to our Instagram templates, our Facebook set includes:

  • 1 important announcement or headline post
  • 1 announcement + subtext + CTA post
  • 1 customer or client review post

Twitter post templates

It’s harder than ever to stand out in a crowded Twitter timeline. Snag some attention with this Twitter post set that comes with:

  • 1 headline or important announcement post
  • 1 announcement + subtext + CTA post
  • 1 customer or client review post

Pinterest templates

Last, but certainly not least, our Pinterest templates. Optimized for Pinterest’s unique style and styling, this set includes:

  • 1 headline or blog post title + subtext
  • 1 headline + subtext
  • 1 headline, announcement, or blog post title

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